Holiday Gift Guide: HIM.


Shopping for him…the nondescript, indecisive, not-sure-what-he-wants male. We’ve all been there and it is exhausting! Let’s try a change of pace - sit back and relax this year. We’ve got gifts for your man, covered…Because real men have house plants.

1) Airplant. Why, you ask? Because airplants are some of the easiest plants to care for. They look really cool and you can set them anywhere and let them be. Perfect for the man on the run who doesn’t have time to worry about a watering schedule.

2) Planted Fern. Any type of planted fern will be a welcome addition of green to any male residence. Depending on the variety of fern, the maintenance level is fairly low while the impact in a room is significant. Select a container to suit the personality of your man, and a fern to match!

3) Seasonal Door Wreath. Let’s be honest, not many men take the time to buy themselves seasonal door wreaths…Which is why you should do it for them! A wreath is a great accent to a front door, regardless of the time of year! Order a custom holiday wreath for your guy or order a more evergreen option to last through the winter months.

4) Terrarium. The perfect discreet houseplant for a man. It blends in to the surroundings, yet brightens up the room without being ostentatious. He’ll appreciate it’s simplicity and low maintenance care schedule.

Let us know if we can help you with any special orders…happy shopping!