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First, add your wreath
base to your cart:

Add the number of wreaths you would like to create. 
(if you would like two matching wreaths put in your desired number for the quantity; however, if you would like different styles please order each individually)

Wreaths are approximately 24-28” in size and just the right size for the standard sized front door.


Next, add additional
decorative elements

Add each element to the cart that you would like included in your wreath. If you are
designing one wreath, only add "1" to the cart. If you want a pair or wreaths, add "2" etc...


Last, Add Specialty Decorative Elements

Note: for specialty elements, please add the amount of individual items you would like added to your wreath. 

Example: If you would like 3 succulents and 2 air plants, make sure to enter "3"
before adding your succulents to your cart, and "2" before adding the Air Plants to your cart.