Indoor Container Design

Our indoor container design services include planted orchid compositions, planted terrarium designs, indoor trees and a large range of indoor planted designs using a variety of ivy, ferns, cactus, succulents and other unique and beautiful plants. We love to include foraged materials and natural elements in our designs including moss, lichen branches, dried mushrooms and feathers to name a few. We always design with the clients level of desired maintenance in mind. Clients may choose from a wide range of containers from our studio inventory,  bring an existing container to us to plant for them or we can special order a container. Indoor planted arrangements are a nice alternative to a fresh cut arrangement and are included in our delivery options. Our style for indoor container design is fresh, unique and completely custom.  


Outdoor Container Design

Large, impactful containers  are our specialty for outdoor container design. We love to bring a new life to the entrance of our clients home with our funky yet eternally classic designs. When working with our clients we always take into consideration the style of their homes, their vision and desired level of maintenance. Our outdoor container clients will have an on-site planning meeting, will receive a design look book with detailed proposal and full installation. Maintanance packages for containers is available.